Why Our Lyme Treatment Is More Successful At Killing Lyme and Other Tick Borne Infections?

At Sponaugle Wellness Institute, we have successfully treated many “chronic Lyme patients”  without the harmful effects of antibiotic therapy. We have proven that all chronic Lyme patients suffer from a compromised immune system. Our natural Lyme treatment is focused on enhancing the kill power of our patient’s immune system, thereby enabling the patient to successfully overcome their Lyme infection.

Patients are labeled “chronic Lyme” by their doctors when they fail to get better after spending years on antibiotic therapy. They often undergo Lyme treatment from multiple doctors, many of America’s brightest and most renowned Lyme physicians.

Many of the Lyme patients seen below left their hometown, moved from city to city (Kansas City, Seattle, San Francisco), seeking Lyme treatment from renowned Lyme doctors. These Lyme patients spent thousands of dollars on Lyme treatment consisting of 3 to 6 different antibiotics a day, yet they failed to regain their health.

In fact, antibiotic therapy caused a downward spiral in the health of these Lyme patients. The following cascade of negative events was induced by antibiotic therapy:

  • Antibiotic-Induced Increased Resistance of Lyme Bacterium
  • Antibiotic-Induced Gut Toxicity Shuts Down the Immune System
  • Antibiotic-Induced Neurotoxicity Further Shuts Down the Immune System
  • Antibiotic-Induced Gut Toxicity Exacerbating Neuro-Lyme Depression and Anxiety

Increased Resistance to Antibiotics

Lyme and other tick borne microorganisms manufacture a polysaccharide matrix called biofilm.  Biofilm is a protective shield used by these microorganisms to defend themselves from our antibodies and natural killer cells. Recent studies from the Center for Biofilm Engineering at Montana State University have proven that antibiotics will not fully penetrate the protective biofilm produced by Lyme and other tick-borne microorganisms. Not only does antibiotic therapy fail to produce a bactericidal kill, antibiotics induce bacterial mutations creating even more resistant phenotypes.

According to the American Association of Quantum Medicine, the more we use antibiotics to treat biofilm producing microorganisms, the stronger and more resistant they become.  Furthermore, they suggest that biofilm producing-drug resistant microorganisms can only be conquered by enhancing the kill power of the immune system.

Antibiotic-Induced Gut Toxicity Shuts Down the Immune System

In fact, most of our Lyme patients became “more sickly” from antibiotic-induced gut toxicity. Their previous Lyme treatment, years of IV and oral antibiotic therapy, destroyed their normal intestinal flora [bacteria] causing severe gastrointestinal dysbiosis, intestinal overgrowth of pathogenic yeast and bacteria.

Prolonged antibiotic therapy killed God’s intended gut bacteria, Lactobacilllus and Bifidobacterium. The intestinal ph in these Lyme patients became more alkaline allowing excessive overgrowth of Candida yeast and the severely toxic bacteria, Klebsiella, Proteus and Enterobacteriaceae.

Candida mycotoxins and bacterial endotoxins destroyed their intestinal lining causing severe malnutrition and leaky gut syndrome, LGS.


Below is the before-after nutritional analysis of Teal Green,
one of our successfully treated chronic Lyme patients.



Teal – Colorado
4 Weeks Lyme Treatment

Watch Teal’s Video Testimonial

Prior to arriving at Sponaugle Wellness Institute in a wheel chair, Teal was prescribed six different intravenous antibiotics everyday for four years. Not only did Teal suffer from severe antibiotic-induced malnutrition, she suffered destruction of her intestinal lining.

Seventy percent of the immune system is located in the intestinal lining. Our antibodies are produced in the Pyer’s Patch which is located in the intestinal lining. Lyme treatment consisting of mega antibiotics, through destruction of the intestinal lining, always down regulates the patient’s immune “kill power.”

Elizabeth – Wisconsin
Lyme Disease and Mold Toxicity Causing Opiate Addiction

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My name is Elizabeth Blume, I am 30 years old and was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin. I would like to share my story as to how I ended up at Florida Detox & Wellness Institute. I’ll start by saying I believe that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we never know why, other times we are blessed and are able to connect the pieces. My family history is full of mental health issues and addiction. Both my mother and father came from very dysfunctional homes. They married at a young age and moved away to escape the life style their parents lived and promised themselves a better life. My uncle, my mother’s brother, was not nearly as determined to create a better life for himself. He moved to Florida as an alcoholic and drank himself to death along with his wife. They both passed away at Helen Ellis Hospital between 2008 and 2010 in Tarpon Springs, Florida. This is where fate came into play and my desperate mother who had been searching for years to help find help me the right help found Dr. Sponaugle’s clinic which at the time was located in Helen Ellis hospital. After a brief tour it was finally clear to my mother that his research and treatment would address not just the outer layer but look at the underlying chemical imbalances of the brain that caused my mental health issues and addictions. She was well aware that all the Psychiatrists, Addictionologists, OBGYNs and treatment centers, ext… were not able to help me.

Through most people’s eyes I look like I have had a happy healthy life. This is the farthest thing from the truth. As a child I can vividly remember waking up every morning full of anxiety and rage. I have specific memories of my mom trying to comfort me as I slowly crawled up the stairs to classrooms having full blown anxiety attacks. I was paralyzed with fear all the time. My life seemed to be a living hell. It still blows my mind that at such a young age I was so sick. As I mentioned I had severe anxiety and depression. I was also always fighting chronic sinus infections and was treated with tons of antibiotics. I would get better for a week or so then be sick again. This is where the vicious cycle of antibiotics would continue. Because of my absolute misery at age seven my mother was desperate for help to figure out why I continued to tell her every day there was something wrong with my body and brain. She found a family Psychiatrist who put me on Prozac. From then on I saw over fifteen different Psychiatrists and multiple specialists who seemed to want to help me. I was put on every psych med there was, some would work for a short period of time others gave me crazy side effects. I was then told “well it didn’t work for you, but let’s try this one and if you take this other one with it; it will help”. This process went on for years. I became more depressed and anxious to the point of not wanting to leave my own house. As you can imagine I was extremely frustrated and lost faith in everyone and everything.

With such frustration and constant pain I began self medicating with anything I could find. I was smoking pot at age thirteen to self medicate my depression and anxiety. At this age my hormones made things harder. A hormone imbalance complicated everything my doctors were already doing. As I grew older drove me to risky behaviors and heavier drug use. Every time I got high I felt great and in the beginning thought it was no big deal because it made everything feel ok. I became I got stuck in a group of “friends” who all had some drug that worked better that the prescriptions my doctors were giving me. Every psychiatrist had their own ideas about me without the proper knowledge they continued to prescribe me everything in the book and label me with a different diagnosis every time. I was hospitalized five or six different times always as dual diagnoses, meaning I was being treated for mental health, as well as addictions. This only made things worse.

It was a long five years of research and a few other cards that fate played in our families life that allowed me to be a grateful patient of Dr. Sponagle and his team at Florida Detox & Wellness Institute.

Cheryl – Maryland
Lyme Disease – Bartonella – Mold Toxicity

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Stay Tuned on Cheryl’s Progress…


Kimberly – Canada
Lyme Disease – Bartonella – Mold Toxicity

Watch Kimberly’s First Video Testimonial

Watch Kimberly’s Second Video Testimonial


Cheryi – Arizona
Lyme Disease – Bartonella

Antibiotic-Induced Neurotoxicity Further Shuts Down the Immune System

Candida mycotoxins and bacterial endotoxins migrate from the gut to the brain. These toxins are lipophilic [fatty]; therefore, they migrate to and deposit in the fattiest organ, the brain. The brain consists of 60 percent fat. The level of neurotoxicity Lyme patients suffer from the Lyme toxin, is greatly exacerbated by the additional accumulation of gut toxins in the brain.

Problematic, is that antibiotic-induced neurotoxicity, causes further suppression of the immune system in Lyme patients. The entire nervous system, particularly the brain, provides direct modulation and control of immune system cytokine activity. Cytokines, the immune system’s chemical messengers, are responsible for both activating and suppressing immune kill power.

When neurotoxins down regulate the brain’s electrical function, there is less electrical stimulation of cytokine activity. In a healthy brain, electrical current jumps over the myelin on brain neurons in rapid fashion. However, when the myelin sheath, which consists 80 percent of the “good fats, Omega 3 and Omega 6, becomes infiltrated with fatty neurotoxins from the gut, in addition to toxins from the Lyme spirochete, it becomes inflamed and ultimately scars causing a “slowing” or down regulation of electrical conduction.

Every month Lyme patients undergo antibiotic therapy they develop more gut toxicity which causes increased neurotoxicity, and subsequently, less cytokine kill power. This decreases their ability to kill Lyme and other tick borne infections.

Antibiotic-Induced Gut Toxicity Exacerbates Neuro-Lyme Depression and Anxiety

Dr Sponaugle has performed extensive brain chemistry research in patients suffering from antibiotic-induced gut toxicity in which he correlated abnormalities on their brain scans with brain chemical imbalances and deficiencies. Antibiotic-induced changes in brain chemistry cause excessive electrical activity in two specific brain regions, the deep limbic system and the anterior cingulate gyrus.

Excessive electrical activity in the brain’s deep limbic system gives Lyme patients symptoms of depression, moodiness, negativity, irritability, and feelings of hopelessness and excessive guilt. They also become more easily offended.

When Lyme patients develop an overactive anterior cingulate, they become extremely anxious, they develop a type of obsessive compulsive anxiety in which they worry about everything. They also become more argumentative and hyper-focused on the negative.


To learn more about gut toxicity and the gut-brain connection, please read the anxiety and depression chapters on this website and the book, “The Road to Perfect Health” a bookco-authored by Dr Sponaugle.


Dr Sponaugle’s Brain Research in Lyme Patients

Dr Sponaugle’s sophisticated brain research in Lyme patients has proven that antibiotic-induced gut toxicity greatly exacerbates the depression and anxiety caused by Lyme. Antibiotic-induced gut toxicity dramatically changes brain chemistry and is arguably the primary causation of the severe depression, brain fog, chronic fatigue, anxiety, and panic disorders experienced by most Lyme patients.

Neurolyme and Excitoneurotoxicity

Lyme patients can suffer from severe excitoneurotoxicity. Excitoneurotoxicity is the extreme up-regulation of electrical current in the brain.

Fortunately, Kevin got addicted to OxyContin in his attempt to reduce the electrical voltage in his brain. Dr Sponaugle diagnosed the underlying cause of Kevin’s addiction; Lyme Disease, Bartonella, Mycoplasma and Protomyxoa Rheumatica as seen on his Frye testing below.

Kevin – Maryland
Lyme Disease – Bartonella – Opiate Addiction

If left unchecked, excitoneurotoxicity causes premature Alzheimer’s because the excessive electrical voltage eventually causes electrification of the brain neurons and premature destruction of brain tissue. Lyme patients who suffer from excitoneurotoxicity often say, “Dr Sponaugle, I feel like my brain is going to explode!”

Fortunately, Dr Sponaugle has the brain expertise to quickly balance aberrations in brain chemistry caused by Lyme and tick borne infections like Bartonella. Dr Sponaugle’s ability to normalize the brain’s electrical voltage is a blessing for anxiety ridden Lyme patients.

More Chronic Lyme Success Stories

Jennifer’s Story:

Jennifer – California
Lyme Disease – Bartonella – Opiate Addiction

Jennifer was a successful runway model in California until age 23 when she suddenly became “very sickly.” Between ages 23 and 33, Jennifer spent over $1,300,000 at California Universities and California Wellness Centers attempting to get a proper diagnosis and regain her health. In October, 2011, Jennifer and her mother came to Sponaugle Wellness Institute as a last hope to determine what was robbing this young woman of her health.

Upon Jennifer’s arrival, Dr. Sponaugle reviewed her lab data and informed Jennifer that he suspected severe mold toxicity and potentially Lyme disease. Subsequent testing revealed Jennifer was suffering from severe Trichothecene toxicity, Lyme Disease and a severe Bartonella infection.

Dr Sponaugle explained to Jennifer and her mother that the Trichothecene mold toxin down regulates the immune system’s “kill power” such that even young healthy women like Jennifer have no ability to kill tick borne infections like the Lyme Bacterium and the Bartonella bacterium.

At first, Jennifer and her mother were skeptical that a Los Angeles home could have a problem with hidden mold. Subsequently, they have found and remediated the hidden mold that played a pivotal role in Jennifer’s health issues.

The Lyme infection and the Bartonella infection were both causative for Jennifer’s daily headaches which were treated by California pain doctors with opiate pain medication. After 8 weeks of Dr. Sponaugle’s treatment for Lyme disease and Bartonella, Jennifer took her second picture. Had Jennifer’s mold toxicity, Lyme disease and Bartonella infection been properly diagnosed, Jennifer would not have lost her modeling career nor would she have spent $1.3 million on failed medical treatment.

Megan’s Story:

Megan – Mississippi
Lyme Disease – Bartonella – Severe Chronic Fatigue

Megan was a teenage model before she became sick from what doctors in Mississippi thought was just Lyme Disease; she suffered with severe chronic fatigue and anxiety, all typical Lyme symptoms. After years of failed antibiotic treatment for Lyme disease, Megan and her family came to Sponaugle Wellness Institute in July of 2011. Megan’s Lyme doctors had failed to recognize that she suffered from much more than Lyme Disease. Megan was suffering from severe black mold toxicity, her Trichothecene levels measured to be 25 times the government set toxic level of 0.2 parts per billion.

Dr. Sponaugle explained to Megan and her mother that antibiotics would never kill Lyme when Megan’s immune system was essentially shut down from the Trichothecene toxin. Megan underwent Dr. Sponaugle’s proprietary intravenous mold toxicity treatment followed by the Sponaugle intravenous treatment for Lyme Disease. Within weeks, Megan regained her health and she lost 60 pounds of the excess weight she gained when her endocrine system was shut down from Mold Toxicity and Lyme Disease.

Carol’s Story:

Carol – New Jersey
Lyme Disease – Severe Bartonella

Lyme Spirochete (Cystic Stage)

 Severe Bartonella

Carol came to Sponaugle Wellness Institute after she spent 6 years attempting to conquer her Lyme Disease. Carol was treated by the top Lyme doctors in New Jersey and New York. Her Lyme treatment consisted of 3 different antibiotics a day for 6 years, the antibiotics failed to kill Carol’s Lyme and further worsened her health. Carol’s Lyme specialists failed to diagnose Bartonella, Mycoplasma, and Protomyxzoa Rheumatica.

After ten weeks of Dr Sponaugle’s Lyme treatment, Carol saw a dramatic improvement in her health as seen in her before and after pictures.

Sara’s Story:

Sara – Connecticut
Lyme Disease – Bartonella – Babesia


Sara suffered years of chronic fatigue from lyme disease before going to Sponaugle Wellness Institute.  Sarah was treated by lyme specialists in New York including professors at Columbia Medical Center and NYC Medical Center.

Pat’s Story:

Pat – Virginia
Lyme Disease – Bartonella

Pat underwent 10 years of lyme treatment in Virginia before coming to Sponaugle Wellness Institute in May of 2012.  Pat stated that two weeks of Sponaugle Lyme Treatment was more effective than his previous 10 years of lyme treatment from various Doctors in Virginia.

Dr Sponaugle’s brain expertise is invaluable in working with Lyme patients. Dr Sponaugle immediately corrects brain chemistry abnormalities in Lyme patients; this greatly reduces their depression and anxiety within the first week. Dr Sponaugle’s proprietary intravenous nutritional and toxin removal therapy quickly optimizes brain function and immune kill power, thus preparing Lyme patients for a successful Lyme kill.

Dr. Sponaugle’s Lyme Treatment

Dr Sponaugle’s approach to treating Lyme patients is to optimize their immune function which requires optimization of every other body system. Having specialized in intensive care medicine, Dr Sponaugle determined that effective treatment of sick patients requires expertise and knowledge of every system in the body; this assisted Dr Sponaugle in designing his comprehensive Lyme treatment protocol.

Dr Sponaugle uses herbal medicine he has formulated by pharmacies in Oregon in addition to natural intravenous therapy.

Initial Consultation- A Comprehensive Evaluation of Your Brain and Body Function

During your initial consultation, Dr Sponaugle will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your brain and body function. Because the function or “kill power” of your immune system is dependent on other body systems, Dr Sponaugle will analyze mathematical data to determine how well your immune system, and your other body systems are working. Your immune system’s “kill power” will be optimized using this mathematical data, not guess work.

After this extensive consultation, Dr Sponaugle will design an individual treatment program including the proper staging of different therapeutic maneuvers. He will determine if he should first optimize the function of various body systems and detoxify your brain and body from environmental toxins, immunosuppressive toxins, before he begins his natural Lyme kill treatment. Based on our treatment of many “Chronic Lyme” patients, your previous Lyme physicians have not diagnosed significant environmental toxicity that is “shutting down” your natural kill power.

Your initial evaluation will begin with specialized DNA testing to determine genetic antibody deficiencies that predispose you to a compromised immune system. Measurement of your antibody levels, in addition to 200 different bio-chemicals, immune biomarkers and toxin biomarkers will assist Dr Sponaugle in his evaluation of your immune function, neurological function including brain function, endocrine function and gastrointestinal function.

Dr Sponaugle will perform an extensive analysis of your brain neurotransmitters with correlation to nutritional markers and amino acid levels. Brain chemistry analysis is worthless without a coincident nutritional analysis. Activity of these chemical messengers that modulate immune activity must be optimized for proper immune function.

Dr Sponaugle will also perform an extensive evaluation of your endocrine system with analysis of the entire brain [hypothalamic] – pituitary – adrenal and gonadal [ovarian or testicular] production of hormones. Special emphasis will be placed on pituitary [brain] hormones and downstream hormones that activate specific cytokines. Amazingly, a thorough endocrine analysis on the Chronic Lyme patients Dr Sponaugle has treated revealed severe deficiencies of the specific hormones that activate Interleukin 6 and other cytokine kill power.

Dr Sponaugle will, as stated above, perform an extensive analysis of your gastrointestinal function because your gut provides 70 percent of your immune system. Through the utility of intravenous toxin removal and intravenous nutritional therapy, Dr Sponaugle will enhance your immune system’s natural ability to kill the Lyme spirochete and other tick borne infections.

After your initial consultation, Dr Sponaugle will determine exactly what must be done to optimize your immune system’s kill power and in what stages, staging is extremely important in producing successful kill of the Lyme spirochete and other tick borne infections. Dr Sponaugle will design an individual treatment plan including the use of various herbals to optimize immune function, and the precise time at which we can begin your intravenous “Lyme kill” treatment.

Immune System

Dr Sponaugle will analyze multiple immune markers, not simply the CD 57 lymphocyte which is the specific white blood cell that is down regulated by the Lyme toxin. Through analysis of other immune markers and toxin biomarkers, Dr Sponaugle will determine how much down-regulation your immune system has suffered from environmental toxins.

Environmental Toxins

Dr Sponaugle’s clinical research and research from Germany, has proven that many environmental toxins, particularly industrial toxins like Toluene and mold toxins like Trichothecene, suppress the immune system to a much greater extent than the Lyme toxin.

The toxin produced by the Lyme bacterium suppresses production of one white blood cell, the CD 57 Lymphocyte. However, German research has proven that the Trichthecene T2 mold toxin suppresses both the humoral [antibodies] and cellular components of the immune system. Trichothecene shuts down all bone marrow production. Dr Sponaugle has diagnosed severe Trichothecene toxicity in the majority of the “Chronic Lyme” patients who failed to get better elsewhere.

Ninety percent of the “Chronic Lyme” patients previously treated by LLMDs were suffering from undiagnosed mold toxicity when they came to Sponaugle Wellness Institute. Their undiagnosed mold toxicity greatly compromised their immune function and played a role in their failed Lyme treatment.

According to Dr Hooper, medical director of Real Time Mold Toxin lab in Dallas, Dr Sponaugle is 30 to 1, the top mold toxicity doctor in all of North America. Furthermore, Dr Hooper’s data analysis has demonstrated that Dr Sponaugle’s proprietary “intravenous mold toxicity therapy” removes more mold toxins in two weeks than any other center can remove in three months. Dr Sponaugle has spent years designing the proprietary blend of his intravenous toxin removal therapy.

Brain Toxicity and the Herxheimer Reaction

Dr Sponaugle has measured the surge of “electrifying” brain chemicals that occurs during the Herxheimer reaction in hundreds of Lyme patients. Excessive toxin surge during an effective Lyme kill produces a surge of excitatory neurotransmitters that subsequently cause a surge of  electrical current throughout your brain and body.

Using his brain chemistry expertise, Dr Sponaugle has designed a protocol to block these specific brain chemicals from activating receptors on the brain and peripheral nervous system. This greatly ameliorates the suffering Lyme patients typically experience as the Herxheimer reaction.

It is the cumulative toxic load that actually determines how much excessive “electrical voltage” a Lyme patient will experience on a daily basis. Slow leakage of Lyme toxins from the cell wall of the Lyme spirochete causes elevated electrical voltage throughout the brain and body in Lyme patients. This is experienced by Lyme patients as anxiety and fibromyalgia, respectfully.

During a Lyme kill, the Lyme toxin is released rapidly from the ruptured cell wall of the Lyme bacterium. The temporary surge of Lyme toxins throughout the brain and body during a Lyme die off causes a surge of electrifying brain chemicals, this subsequently produces a severely “over electrified” brain which exacerbates anxiety and panic disorder.

Dr Sponaugle prefers reducing your brain’s toxic load with his intravenous detoxification therapy before he begins intravenous Lyme kill treatment. This markedly decreases your Herxheimer reaction! Furthermore, intravenous removal of environmental toxins with our proprietary intravenous toxin removal therapy will up-regulate the kill power of your immune system further optimizing your ability to kill tick borne infections.

Brain Function and Your Immune System

Brain chemicals are neurotransmitters that modulate the electrical function of your brain and the body. These neurotransmitters also modulate the up-regulation and down-regulation of your immune system. Chronic Lyme patients always suffer deficiencies and imbalances of their neurotransmitters, thus, the kill power of their immune system is greatly compromised. According to data from Neuroscience labs, Dr Sponaugle has performed 7,000 brain chemical analyses, 2,000 more than any doctor in Canada or America.

Dr Sponaugle’s brain expertise is invaluable in treating Lyme patients, for optimization of immune function, ameliorating the Herxheimer reaction and for more effective treatment of the depression, anxiety and panic disorders Lyme patients experience.

Endocrine System

Dr Sponaugle performs an extensive analysis of the endocrine system because specific hormones modulate the activity of natural killer cells and other immune function. Furthermore, brain accumulation of the Lyme toxin down-regulates pituitary output of hormones that modulate the immune system. Most of the Chronic Lyme patients treated at Sponaugle Wellness Institute reveal a total shut down of their endocrine system on arrival.

Gastrointestinal System

The Lyme toxin destroys the intestinal mucosa, this wreaks havoc on the gastrointestinal system. Dr Sponaugle will perform an extensive evaluation of your GI function. He will perform a micro-analysis of amino acid levels and numerous nutritional markers.

Dr Sponaugle will also evaluate bio-markers for pathogenic intestinal yeast and pathogenic intestinal bacteria that produce toxins which cause immune-suppression. He will also evaluate bio-markers for Leaky Gut Syndrome which causes and generalized gut toxicity.

Cardiovascular System

Because Dr Sponaugle’s initial medical training was in cardiac and intensive care medicine, he is adept at analyzing multiple bio-markers of your cardio-vascular system in addition to other cardiac risk markers that are often elevated in Lyme patients.

Tick borne infections, particularly Lyme and Bartonella, are notorious for causing cardiac arrhythmias, incomplete heart block and partial conduction delays in the heart’s electrical system. Even young patients commonly develop right bundle branch block and “heart rate variability” often referred to as “sick sinus” syndrome. When appropriate, Dr Sponaugle will evaluate an echocardiogram, an ultrasound of your heart.

More Successfully Treated Lyme Patients:

Donna – Alabama

Scott – Alabama

Scotty – Alabama

Brennen – Louisiana

Wyatt – Pennsylvania


Stephanie – Ohio

Meg – Massachusetts

Zachary – Connecticut

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